Howdy folks!

Welcome to the realm of Lifestyle and Home Organising!

Some of you might ask.. What is Lifestyle and Home Organising?

No rocket science here, folks.

In layman’s term, it’s basically living your life in an organized way which translates into a healthy Lifestyle.  Simple as that.

Let me just ask how many people can honestly say that they like to live in a home which is chaotic, messy and full of clutter?

No. Yes.

Let’s face it; everybody wants a beautiful, clean and cosy house to call home.

Believe me when I say this: We all can have a beautiful, clean and clutter free home!

How??….. Lifestyle and Home Organizing is the way to go.

We, the people at GoodHouse believe that Lifestyle and Home Organizing is more pertinent now than ever. Just take a look around us. Our lives now are so fast moving and hectic,

consumed in trying to make a living for a better life. We have so much to do but so little time. So sad.

So, how can we improve ourselves? Well, being organized is one of the first steps we can take to enhance our lifestyle.

Do you know there are many benefits from being organized?

Not convince?

Then let us share with you some of the benefits of being organized and having a clutter free home.

a) Saves Money

Yes, you heard correctly! Being organized can actually save you money.

Here’s one example how; when you are organized you know what you have and where your things are located. You’ll save money by not buying duplicate items you have but weren’t able to find. Check your kitchen cabinets properly and see if you have any expired can food and you’ll know what we mean.

Or, if you have an organized kitchen and planned your meals properly, you’ll save money eating out. You can also save money from needing to hire “hourly maids” to clean your home. (For those too lazy to do it on their own).

Last but not least, if you have a good tracking and managing system for bills payables, you might even save money from incurring interest for late payments.


b) Easier and less to clean

Just imaging this scenario…. A room full of furniture, cute knick knacks, beautiful plants, walls filled with beautiful picture frames and an open book shelf. Sounds cosy, right?

Well yeah….. If only you have the time to maintain the room with all the mopping and dusting required!

What if you do not have the time to mop and dust or you just “DO NOT” enjoy doing them. That’s when things can get real messy and frustrating!

So folks, being organized will ensure that there is no unnecessary or extra stuff to clean. Cleaning thus becomes easier.

c) Saves Time

This goes hand in hand with (b).

Less cleaning = Having more quality time…..Yes, no more excuses for not to hitting the gym.

There was an article in a US magazine saying that the average person wastes more than 30 minutes per day searching for things e.g. stationeries, tools, clothes, keys, cosmetics etc… Imaging the number of hours lost during the course of 1 year!!!

One of the main components of being organized is having “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

You’ll never have to waste time again knowing where your stuff is located. See the point?

d) Increase Productivity

Being organized means having systems in place to schedule chores, errands and to-do-lists. With a well planned time-table or calendar, you and your family know specific tasks are reserved for certain time or day. This allows you to work on other aspects or priorities in your life.

With this, you have less unplanned and sporadic running of errands and doing chores, which can be very disruptive to your time management. In the long run, your time will be better used, thus more productive.

Spend more quality time for yourself and with your loved ones.

e) More Space

A lot of people tend to buy a lot of unnecessary things. The thing is, these items are mostly stuffed in cabinets or storage boxes and will most probably never see the light of the day.

You don’t realise that things are beginning to pile up until it’s too late.

Being organized means having less stuff because you would have been “de-cluttered”.

Therefore, you’ll be able to properly utilize your desktops, cabinets, wardrobes, counter space, dinner tables etc…No more issues like “where do I put this???”

For families, you don’t have to clear adequate space for your children’s activities and homework all the time.

f) A sense of Well Being

Health :

Your health will improve accordingly due to the fact that you are calmer and have a better peace of mind as your lifestyle is more organized. Not to mention, your home will have more fresh air and serenity feel, thus promoting wellness.


Happiness :

An organized home means everyone in the family knows their roles and responsibilities towards house chores and ethics. Imaging even the little ones knows where to put back their toys and playthings.  There will definitely be less nagging or quarrelling amongst family members. Believe you me, you’ll have less stress and lower blood pressure. A good environment promotes a happy home!


Self Esteem :

Being organized can improve self confidence.

E.g ; Being organized means you have more quality time for yourself which can be used for such healthy activities such as going to the gym to gain good physique.

Working moms will have more time to self indulge in personal grooming, facials, spa etc…

Looking Good = Self Confidence.

There you go folks, 6 simple reasons why you need organization in your life. They might sound simple but once you start benefitting, they really are immeasurable.

Let’s be honest here, most of us know very well the good things about being organized, be it your home, office or your life in general.

Then why is it that not everyone is into it?


We can only think of the following:

1. We are just plain too lazy to drag our heavy bum

2. We think cleaning is a drag and a hassle

3. We do not know how to begin in the 1st place


If you fall into category number 1, it’s pretty understandable because most humans are born with lazy genes. It is OK to be lazy but at the right time and place. By the way, being organized can give you more time to get chilled! We can show you how.

If you are under number 2, it’s just because you have fear for the unknown. There are many fun ways to being and stay organized. Once you have the hang of organizing, it becomes a breeze and utterly enjoyable. You know, just like the riding a bicycle theory….

For category number 3, do not fret. You are not alone. But we got to start somewhere, right?

No worries people. Doesn’t matter whether you are in category number 1, 2 or 3, Good House is here to lend you a hand.

So what are you waiting for?

Feel free to take a look at our programmes. Good House provides a range of services to help you!

Products and Services available:

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In the meantime, we hope this article can be of some sort of inspiration for you to take the first step to being organized.

Just remember, take one step at a time and never give up.

Once you see the changes in your life, you’ll never stop being organized!