What is Power Inspection Programme?

The Power Inspection Programme is specifically designed for people who wants to organise their homes but requires the help of professional guidance and expert advice.

This programme will be a good starting point for those novices who wants to learn home organising and to kick start your home organising journey. It will help you choose the best plans and systems in which you and your family can follow and maintain effectively.

I will be on hand personally to guide and advise you along the way. Together we will chart out your Organising Map.

The Power Inspection Programme is also very suitable for those who are concern about their budget yet require professional consultation.

This Programme is a good economical alternative to our more comprehensive Creative Combat Programme.

Who is suitable for Power Inspection Programme?

  • People who have no clue in Home Organising


  • People who want “system and order” but do not know how to start 


  • People who don’t know how to get other family members to cooperate


  • People who have other family member complaining the bad condition of their home


  • People who want to try new method of doing things


  • People who have cluttered home or office


  • Housewives that want to learn how to manage their home


  • Working mums that lost control on their household matters


  • Working mums that don’t know where to start


  • Working mums that don’t know how to start


  • People who want to break from their old ways of doing things


  • People who need professional advice but want to be hands-on


  • People who need the second opinion


  • Offices that need to get organised but don’t trust a stranger in handling those private and confidential

Why join Power Inspection Programme?

You either do absolutely nothing about your disorganised home, your clutter or untidiness. Your life continues and you may even live in these conditions for a lifetime. There is nothing anyone can do if you choose to live this way.  Yes, it is your life and only you can change your ways.

But let me tell you this… 8 out of 10 persons with disorganised homes really do want a change. Deep down they know the positives of having an organised home. The reason they could not do so is simply because they do not know how and where to start. Admittedly, some are just plain lazy.

If you are one of those 8, this programme is made for you.

It is designed to give you that little nudge to make you put on those cleaning gloves.

When to join Power Inspection Programme?

  • When you are overwhelmed with the chaos and clutter going on in your home.


  • When you are fed up of constantly looking for misplaced items


  • When you have added more people to your home.


  • When you need to have system and order at home.


  • When you realise your household expenses had increased but you are not sure where you had spent your money.


  • When you want to start living a happier life.


  • When you want to save money.


  • When you know very well that it is time for you to embrace the new way of doing things.


  • When family members start throwing tantrum at each other when chores are not done.


  • When you can’t find your things.


  • When you constantly losing your things.


  • When you want to start over again.


  • When you need professional help but don’t want a stranger to touch your things.


  • When you just moved into a new house and don’t know how to put things in order.

How can Power Inspection Programme help me?

Before you solve a problem, you must understand the nature of the problem.

Well, the Power Inspection Programme basically works along this line.

This is how it works;

First of all, I will be there personally to prepare you mentally and physically for the task. We will then work together on a fact-finding session to understand your lifestyle and the root cause of your disorganisation.

From there, I will propose a suitable plan and organising systems for your home. I will also guide you on how to maintain and manage the systems effectively.

Briefly, this programme will help you to understand the root cause of your problem and also to understand where and how to start organising. It then helps you plan and chooses effective organising systems for your home.

 At the end of the programme, I guarantee a change for the better in your lifestyle.

What does Power Inspection Programme Include?




Physical Consultation

♦  Q & A session

♦  Facts finding on common issues, habits etc.

♦  Photography of affected areas

♦  Mapping and Planning

♦  Discussion on suitable systems and its maintenance


Customised Beginner Practice Programme (BPP)


♦  FREE hardcopy of BPP

♦  FREE hardcover binder


Customised laminated PLANNERS & print outs

♦  Routine Charts

♦  Schedules and Duty Rosters

♦  Rules and Regulations



How to join Power Inspection Programme?

Don’t fret. This is easy. Just a few clicks away, you are on your way to a more productive life.

Please follow the link below:-