What is Beginner Practice Programme?

The BPP is a written self-help programme with a step-by-step and video tutorial created specifically by Angela for home organising.

Beginner Practice Programme is an easy to follow straight to the point guide designed to be easily understood. In this programme, you will learn how to identify the cause of your disorganisation, identify time wasters, identify your organising style, how to get your life back and towards the end how to motivate yourself to remap and organising another area. You will be seeing me in separate videos to guide you through each and every step until completion.

The Beginner Practice Programme also allows you to impart to others what you have learnt by replicating the steps. You don’t have to be an expert and need not spend a lot of time to understand the Programme. In a nutshell, when you receive the Beginner Practice Programme, you can start right away! No complicated explanations. No difficult charts to follow through. Each and every step is guided and followed by one and another systematically and then, there are videos to guide you too!

In case you got mixed up half way through, you can easily refer back to the Beginner Practice Programme Map and my videos. Well… most likely you won’t have to. Like I said, it is an easy-to-follow Programme.

Who uses Beginner Practice Programme?

People with cluttered homes, naturally! But BPP also applies to the following:-

  • New home owners or moving into a new home


  • Lazy people


  • Disorganized people


  • People who want to improve their lifestyle


  • People who are clueless in home organising


  • New and inexperienced housewives


  • Young adult starting own life


  • Teenager whom is starting to learn independence – messy teenagers


  • Parents who are clueless in training others in the family


  • Single mother


  • Single father


  • A home with many family members


  • A home with elderly members


  • A home with sick people that needs care and attention


  • Office that need system and order


  • Office that lost track on reports and follow-ups


  • Office that needs effective system


  • Office that wants to improve employee’s performance


  • Office that is so cluttered and is affecting company’s daily operations


Why should you join the Beginner Practice Programme?

  • I want to be able to achieve my goals


  • I want to be able to take control of my life


  • I want to be organised


  • I want to have a peaceful home


  • I want to have more time


  • I want my children to respect me


  • I want a happy family


  • I want a clean environment


  • I want a happy relationship with my family


  • I want to be healthy


  • I want to be able to save more money


  • I want to spend less


  • I want system and order at home


  • I want system and order at work


  • I want to improve relationship with colleagues


  • I want to improve relationship with my clients


  • I want a comfortable place to work


  • I want to have more inspiration to perform at work


  • I want to be able to invite friends over


  • I want to be able to invite relatives over


  • I want my parents to feel proud that I am independent


  • I don’t want to waste any more time


  • I don’t want to waste any more money


  • I don’t want to be late to appointments


  • I want to live a fresh life


  • I want to be able to feel beautiful again


  • I want to feel love again


You see, with the hectic schedules and demanding lifestyle, these days, we don’t have much time to spare. How do we make quality time? We can start by clearing the clutter that hinders our lives.

There is this thing that people seem to deny and some may don’t even realise which is Physical Clutter = Mental Clutter. Believe it or not, this is the major obstacle that you created that is bothering you right now – in whatever you do, wherever you go, even when you are sleeping! The thought of having those piled up clutter at home, in the office, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in your head, in your sleep… 24/7. Imagine, walking into a neat and clean house compared to walking into a messed up and dirty home that even has foul smell due to lack of cleaning caused by clutter. Which house do you want to stay in?

Still not convinced? Here is a simple example. Why do you feel great every time you check into a nice clean hotel room? Do you realise all hotel rooms have very minimal things in it? Are you aware that they have high standard hygiene practices – like changing the bedsheets every day for the guests. The toilets and shower area are being cleaned and disinfected every day too.

So do you want to have the same great feeling when you get home? The same great feeling when you step into the office?

Join my Beginner Practice Programme now!

I guarantee you will be more productive, more creative, more focus in whatever you do after successful completion of the Programme.

How can Beginner Practice Programme help you?

You see, many of us keep telling others and ourselves that I don’t have time for this; I don’t have time for that. Let me ask you this, why and how do you have time to do something that you really love to do but no time to do something that you find you may not like to do? See the conflict there?

Humans are born such way that we only will make effort and time to do what we love doing or doing it for our love ones. So, learn up my Beginner Practice Programme and start creating an organised environment for your loved ones. When this is done, you will see you actually do have time not only for your loved ones but for your hobby that you have been dreaming of doing.

How does Beginner Practice Programme help you to gain more quality time? Easy! When you have organised lifestyle, you will gain more quality time. It is because you plan and execute your plans and eventually achieving your planned goals! Meaning, with everything all effectively organised and planned out, you know exactly what you have to do. And in my BPP, I not only teach you how to get organised, I also teach you how to track everything you do.

Many of us know how to plan. But many of us don’t execute their plan well and, many ended up losing track in what they do. The end result? Clutter, disorganised, fail to complete the to-dos, goals not achieved… etc.. Eventually, the initial plan falls apart and this will affect one’s confidence.

I always teach my clients, Physical Clutter = Mental Clutter. For example, when you are at work, you think of the unfinished chores at home. And when you are at home, you think of the office tasks yet to be completed. This is very ironic and the very classic example for many of us.

With my Beginner Practice Programme step-by-step programme, you learn how to put a cluttered home back into an organised home. From the processes, you also learn how to be organised. Then you will learn how to plan and track and eventually achieving your goals. This way, you won’t have to chase your To-Do’s one after another without a proper system. Instead, you will complete your To-Do’s in a timely manner, with an effective system and implementation, then gaining more time without constantly reminding yourself to do something. You will enjoy life and work at the same time, enjoy home and housework at the same time; the best of all, enjoy more free time to do what you have been longing to do without compromising any work time or home time.

When to join Beginner Practice Programme?


Say that you have your schedule all packed up for the whole month. You don’t have time to buy anything for yourself or even do anything for yourself.

Is just a few clicks away. Getting organised will help you gain more quality indefinitely. Stop procrastinating. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time for this. Make time and you will see better time management come swinging your way.

Ask yourself why “you don’t have time”? Is it because you tangled yourself in too many unexpected schedules? Is it because of you are unable to plan because your mind and life are in a mess? Is it because you don’t have control in your life? You are the owner of your life! Why are you not taking control in your life?

By using my Beginner Practice Programme, you will have control of your life because you will learn how to manage your life where it leads to better time management. You will get to learn how to plan and track everything you do with ease. Put in a little more patience, put in a little more effort; you will get to achieve all of your goals gradually and gain a happy life.

What is inside the Beginner Practice Programme?

There will be a total of 7 segments in the Beginner Practice Programme. Each segment will guide you through from identifying the cause of your disorganisation to how to eliminate excuses and motivate yourself to keep up with the good work you have done for yourself.


The Beginner Practice Programme also encompass convenient charts and checkboxes for you to follow through. They are simple to use and easy to understand. The best part of it, if you have a friend that needs you to share your organising skill, you can easily replicate what you have learned and made copies of Beginner Practice Programme to share with your friends or families. Trackers and calendars, can be easily purchased from my website www.goodhouse.my (follow this link: http://goodhouse.my/shop/) separately and as and when needed at very affordable price. We have many choices for you to choose from. We have trackers that are suitable for students and home use, and also have trackers that are suitable for office executive user who needs to oversee many projects and departments at a glance!


So, what are you waiting for? Start your Beginner Practice Programme now! I guarantee you, with good and effective practice, your longing for a happy life will appear in no time!

How to join Beginner Practice Programme?

Click the link below and you are on your way to an organised and fresh productive life.