27-07-2017 Be A Kitchen Magician

27 July 2017

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Practical Living

1) Give limp celery a boost

Revitalize those rubbery celery stalks by cutting them into pieces or strips and store them in a plastic container with enough water to cover the bottom.

2) Watch for waste with pricey veggies

When you buy expensive fresh vegetables, be sure you use every part you can. Broccoli stems can be peeled and cut into small strips, then cooked with the broccoli florets. Eat as is so puree in a blender to add to soup stock.

3) Delay the toss

Leftover tossed salad won’t last very long. One way to extend its crispiness is to place several sheets of folded paper towel in the bottom of the plastic bag or container you are using for storage. It soaks up excess moisture and keeps the vegetables from getting soggy.

4) Best way to prepare asparagus

Pricey asparagus yields more than you think too. Prepare each spear by cutting off and discarding the dried, light-coloured end, which is too tough to eat. Bend the stalk in several places down the stem until the tender part snaps off. Peel the tough green piece below the break with a sharp paring knife and cook with the rest of the asparagus for a tender treat.

5) Foil the sprouts

Onions will last longer and not sprout if you wrap them in aluminum foil. If you cut an onion and use only half, rub the remaining onion half with butter on the cut edge. The butter will keep it fresh longer.

6) For odor-free fingers

Have onions to chop? Rub your hands before you start and again afterward with white vinegar. Rubbing them with the end of a stalk of celery also works. To get the scent of fish off your hands or kitchen utensils, rub them with vinegar and lemon. And if all else fails, just get out your toothpaste and use it to wash your hands. The ingredients in toothpaste that clean and freshen your mouth will do the same for your skin.

7) Remove silk from corn

To make sure4 you get all the silk from an ear of corn after you husk it, rub it down with a damp paper towel.

8) Rub food stains away

After you have cut up brightly colored vegetables, like carrots or pumpkin, you may have stained fingers. A slice of raw potato rubbed across your skin, will lift off those stains.

9) Chop without tears

Partially freeze your onion before you start to cook. It will be easier to slice or chop and you won’t shed a single tear.

10) Pop your cork with ease

Wrap a bit of wax paper around a cork and next time it will come out of the bottle without the usual effort.

11) Freeze leftover wine for cooking

If you are not much of a drinker, you might be tempted to throw out wine left over from a dinner party. Resist the urge and freeze it in an ice cube tray instead. You can use it later for casseroles and sauces that call for a splash of vino.

12) Substitutes serve the purpose

Are you waiting to make a recipe because you don’t have the right wine? Cranberry juice or red grape juice both work in place of red wine, while white grape or apple juice can substitute for white wine.

13) Pop your cork

You are ready to pour the wine, but that cork just won’t budge. Take a hot, wet towel and wrap it around the neck of the bottle. The heat will make the glass expand a little and your corkscrew should finish the job nicely.