24-07-2017 Be A Kitchen Magician

24 July 2017

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Practical Living

1) Prevent cauliflower from turning brown

Don’t serve cauliflower that has turned brown from boiling. Squeeze a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice into the water and your cauliflower will stay white.

2) Keep your mushrooms in the dark

If you want your mushrooms to last as long as possible, don’t wash them before storing. Put them in the refrigerator in a paper bag or colored┬áplastic container that keeps the light out. Wash them just before you use them. Mushrooms last longer when they are cool, dark and dry.

3) Get spinach squeaky clean

Ever wash spinach carefully only to have your family complain that it is gritty? Next time, wash it with salt water and say goodbye to grit.

4) Cut tears when chopping onions

Try these tricks for slicing onions without regret. Push a small piece of bread onto the point of your knife and carefully work it down toward the handle. Now when you cut your onion, the bread will absorb the fumes that bring tears to your eyes. Or try freezing the onions for about 15 minutes before you slice them. The cold will keep the eye-watering fumes at a minimum.

5) Keep refrigerated veggies crisp

Vegetables and fruits can get soggy in the refrigerator and often have to be thrown out before you have a chance to use them. But if you place a dry sponge in your vegetable bin, it will absorb some of the moisture and leave your strawberries, onions, carrots and other produce crisp and fresh days or weeks longer.

6) Put an apple in your potato bin

If your potatoes start sprouting buds before you have a chance to use them, toss an apple in your potato bin. The apple will slow down the sprouting process.

7) Get fresh with a cute tomato

Make your fresh tomatoes last longer by storing them with the stem-side down.

8) Simple way to peel a tomato

To peel a tomato quickly and smoothly, place it in boiling water for 20 to 60 seconds. The skin will come off easily.

9) Sack the celery

Celery may come in plastic bags from the grocery but that isn’t the best way to preserve it in the refrigerator. Place celery in a paper bag and leave the outside stalks and leaves on it for best storage.

10) Keep the crunch to munch

Sagging veggies take the bite-appeal out of a green salad. Resuscitate limp lettuce by adding lemon juice to a container of cold water. Place the lettuce in the container and soak for an hour in the refrigerator.