06-07-2017 Be A Kitchen Magician

6 July 2017

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Practical Living

1) Keep cutting boards in place

Does your cutting board slide around whenever you chop something vigorously? Wrap a couple of rubber bands diagonally across each corner and it will stay put so you can hack away at those veggies with as much gusto as you like.

2) Save sauce from garlic overkill

Were you a little heavy handed with the garlic in your sauce or soup? Don’t throw it out. Put a few parsley flakes in a tea infuser and place it in the garlicky brew for a few minutes. The parsley will attract and absorb the garlic and your sauce will be saved.

3) Doctor a bitter sauce

If your spaghetti sauce tastes bitter, try adding a pinch of sugar. Sugar brings out the flavor of cooked tomatoes.

4) Save gravy flavor, ditch the fat

If you have got delicious beef or poultry broth to use for soups or gravies, don’t worry about the fat. Simply strain it through a paper coffee filter and you are left with flavorful, fat-free broth.

5) Kiss grease goodbye

Another quick way to get rid of the grease floating on top of your soup – drop in a leaf of lettuce. It will attract the grease. When you are done, just toss the lettuce and serve the soup!

6) Downsize fruit for one

You can enjoy melons and pineapples even if you live alone and can’t use a whole one. Just ask the produce clerk to cut one in half for you. Most grocery stores are happy to oblige.

7) Jog memory to save money

Coupons are great for saving money – if you remember to hand them over at the checkout counter. To jog your memory, bring a large paper clip with your coupons. As you find an item, clip the appropriate coupon to the front of your purse. When you go to check out, your coupons will be ready to save you money.

8) A cooler way to store perishables

For a perfect addition to your cooler – whether you are returning from the grocery store or going on an extended trip – fill a jug with water and freeze. Your perishables will stay cold and you will have cold drinking water, too.

9) Make grocery shopping less painful

Keep a couple of laundry baskets and a cooler in the trunk of your car. The baskets will make carrying a load of groceries into the house faster and easier. And the cooler is great for those spur-of-the-moment shopping trips or when you can’t go straight home to unload.

10) Cut costs at the checkout

To save money at the grocery store, think ahead. Plan the week’s menu before you go and make a list. Otherwise, you may end up buying things you don’t need and still not have all the ingredients to make dinner every night.