29-06-2017 Be A Kitchen Magician

29 June 2017

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Practical Living

1) Keep the flavor, lose the fat

Skinless chicken is lower in fat, but the skin seals in flavor, vitamins, and moisture. So cook it first then remove the skin.

2) Steam vegetables with ease

Save time cooking and cleaning pans by steaming vegetables in your microwave. Using a plastic bag made for use in the microwave, add fresh, cut vegetables and a few teaspoons of water. Don’t completely seal the bag so steam can escape. Microwave for two or three minutes or until the veggies are tender.

3) Make your microwave work smarter

Arrange food carefully in your microwave so everything will be finished at the same time. Place thicker and larger pieces of food on the outside edges of a plate and smaller pieces toward the middle. For example, when you microwave stalks of broccoli, put the heads pointing toward the middle and aim the thick stems toward the rim of the plate.

4) Crack nuts in your microwave

Don’t use a sledgehammer to crack nuts open. There is an easier way. Put hard nuts like walnuts, Brazil nuts, and pecans, in a bowl of water and cover. Heat on a high setting until the water boils. Let the bowl stand in your microwave until the water cools a bit, then drain. You should now be able to open the shells easily. Crack them over a bowl to catch excess water.

5) Peel chestnuts easily

Chestnuts roasting in the microwave. It is not the stuff songs are made of, but it helps their skins fall right off. Here is how. Make a small slit in the round end of each of several chestnuts. Place them in a bowl of water and heat on high for three to four minutes or until boiling. Allow the water to boil for another minute, then turn off the microwave. Let the bowl cool for 5 to 10 minutes. When the water is cool enough, remove one chestnut at a time and peel. The water will keep the others soft until you get to them.

6) Toast nuts quickly and easily

Toast nuts and seeds quickly in your microwave. Coat a microwave plate with a thin layer of oil or butter. A spray works well. Scatter sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds on the plate and microwave on high for three or four minutes. Stir every minute or so. When they begin to turn brown, they are toasted.

7) Cold corn for hot popping

Store microwave popcorn in the freezer to keep it from getting stale. This will also reduce the number of those irritating unpopped kernels when you pop it.

8) Cook healthier bacon

If you love bacon, but not the fat, cook it in your microwave. Lay a few strips side by side on a paper towel, then place the paper towel on a plate. Cover with another paper towel and cook. The paper towels will absorb the fat, leaving you with more crispy, leaner bacon.

9) Skin garlic cloves

The simplest way to quickly remove the skin from garlic cloves? Zap them in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

10) End of the line for hands

Get rid of that fishy smell on your hands by washing them with toothpaste.