26-06-2017 Be A Kitchen Magician

26 June 2017

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1) Roast a juicy chicken

If your roasted chicken makes people gasp for water, try juicing it up with an apple. Just stuff a whole apple inside the chicken and roast as usual. Throw the apple away and serve your moist and tender chicken with pride. Or try a lemon. Start with a large roasting chicken, and season it with salt and pepper inside and out. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice over the chicken, then pour a quarter cup of water on it. Toss the lemon halves inside the chicken for extra juiciness and place the bird in a greased baking dish. Bake in a 300-degress oven for about three hours, basting it with water as needed.

2) Keep frozen meat frost free

Freezer burn can ruin perfectly good meat. To keep it from chipping away at your food budget, store meat in plastic freezer bags, and carefully press all the air out of the bag before storing. Frost is less likely to form without air. In addition, label everything you put in the freezer and be sure to note the date.

3) Make your roast cook your vegetables

Why waste time, extra pots, and energy cooking vegetables separately from your roast? Use a roasting pan with a good lid and place the vegetables around the roast. Cut potatoes and onions into small pieces and throw in some baby carrots. Add half a cup of water and about 10 minutes to the roast’s cooking time. Your entire meal will be done at once.

4) Tenderise tough meat with tea

A tough cut of meat will soften up nicely if you braise it in black tea. Place four tablespoons of black tea leaves in warm – not boiling – water and allow to steep for about five minutes. Strain the leaves from the water and stir in a half cup of brown sugar until dissolved. Season 2 to 3 pounds of meat with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and place it in a Dutch oven. Pour the mixture over the meat and cook in a preheated, 325-degree oven until tender. Because the meat cooks slowly, it will take about an hour and a half, but it will turn out so tender you will be able to cut it with a fork.

5) Mess-free meat loaf

Make meat loaf and you make a mess, right? Not necessarily. Put all the ingredients in a large zip-lock bag, push out most of the air and seal the top. Then knead and blend the ingredients from the outside of the bag, form into a loaf shape, remove from the bag and put into the pan to bake.

6) A brush with the sauce

For basting meats or brushing on sauces, use a natural bristle paint brush. It will be flexible and easy to clean. And when grilling, dip the brush in olive oil and spread it on the grate to keep the meat from sticking.

7) Be fast on the thaw

There is an easy way to store ground beef so that it will thaw faster when you are ready to cook it. Put about a pound of ground beef in a large zip-lock freezer bag and then flatten it like a pancake. It stores more easily and thaws in half the time.

8) Bits about bacon

Keep bacon from sticking together in the package by rolling the package into a tube and holding it for a minute. The slices will loosen up and come out of the package one at a time.

9) Truss up that bird

Dental floss is a handy helper when trussing up turkey or other poultry for roasting.

10) Marinated meat

Zip-lock bags are the ideal no-mess method for marinating meat. You don’t have to use as much liquid and instead of having to turn or baste the meat, you just flip the bag over.